Sound Club
Soi Sound Pub
(Soi Sound Pub)
Koh Samui, Thailand
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  • Sound Club

    Soi Sound Pub
    (Soi Sound Pub)
    Koh Samui, Thailand
    300 Baht and on up

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    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 06-16-2012
    Sound Club is awesome!

    There is actually no bar fine, it's not a girlie bar. Sound Club is the bar in Chaweng Beach we all go to after all the other bars close down. It's the offical after party spot. It starts to get good around 3am and goes til about 6am. Tons of freelance girls and other girls who finished their shift in the bar.

    Don't bother going before 3am as it's empty.

    Sound Club is Huge. There is the "patio" area which is always packed by 3am that is the size of most bars in Chaweng. Then you walk through the actual entrance into a gigantic bar area. Go right and there is a big upstairs balcony, walk in a ways and go left and there is another huge dance club room that is always slammed (fire marshall would shut it down in the states).

    It's a perfect place to go lose that girl that is latching onto you and find a new one. On my adventurous nights I'll sometimes take a girl home at about midnight, take care of business, than come back to sound club at 3-4 and find someone new. It's not such a bad life.

    Highly recommend it. Even with the packed club atmosphere, most of the crowd and especially the girls are pretty cool. Not much grabbing, bugging, other annoying bar girl habits here, really chill. This does mean though that you actually have to walk up and talk to girls that you're interested in. It's great though to be able to prowl around like a skulking creep, checking girls out and then just pick the one you want. Most of the brothels aren't really like that as one girl ALWAYS seems to latch on quick and is hard to shrug off.

    See you there!

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