Pen Beer Bar
Naklua Rd. Soi 18
(Soi 18, n. side in beer complex)
Naklua, Thailand
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  • Pen Beer Bar

    Naklua Rd. Soi 18
    (Soi 18, n. side in beer complex)
    Naklua, Thailand
    300 Baht and on up

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    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 04-02-2013
    So it's about 1am in Naklua. I'm tired and thirsty and decide to go to this bar I took photos of the night before where I saw this hot little number. I sat down and ordered a drink and this little vixen sits down next to me. I get a little drunk and I am in rare form and have all the girls in the bar sitting next to me as I make them laugh with some of my best material. The snake I spoke of earlier whispers in my ear, "come back to my room with me after the bar closes, I want to boom boom you." I check my wallet and its running on empty with all the drinks I bought the girls. I tell her I am out of bht an will have to come back another time. She grabs my cock and says, "I boom boom you for free".
    Shortly after that word "free" I was on my motorbike with her on the back, heading for her room. She shared a room with one of the girls from the bar. While me and her were going at it, her friend comes into the room, takes her clothes off and starts kissing my girl.
    I change condoms and start banging her friend out of sheer courtesy. I AM a guest in their country and it would have been rude not to.
    This was a rarity to say the least.

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