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Full Love Inn Hotel

300 Baht

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1 AdultSearch User Review
Reviewed 11-16-2013
My favorite places in Pattaya for short time. Very popular among the local people here. Rooms are really nice, air con great and the shower and toilet are clean and relaxing. Double shower heads and a big shower stall so you and your girl(s) can soap each other up. Round beds in some of the rooms. The normal standard room is 280 bht.
The V.I.P. room has a huge bath tub for 380 bht. It has TV, room service, a full kitchen to order food in. They have the condoms there in case you forgot to grab some at 7-11.
Check out their website for video inside the rooms.

The easiest way to go there is to enter Soi Bongkot from Pattaya 3rd Road and follow the Full Love Inn signs. Full Love Inn Pattaya. The entry to Full Love Inn.

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