No Name Hotel
Second Rd Soi 11 (Soi Diana)
Pattaya Beach, Thailand
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  • No Name Hotel

    Second Rd Soi 11 (Soi Diana)
    Pattaya Beach, Thailand
    100 Baht

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    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 11-12-2013
    This Short time hotel is on the east side of 2nd rd. near SOi 11 and it is next to the 7-11 on the corner. There is a magazine rack in front of the entrance to the hotel. It is a 3 story yellow shop house as shown in the photos above. As you pass the magazine rack you will see a desk with a Thai women behind it. You will give her 120 bht and she will give you a key to one of the 6 short time rooms that have on the second floor. SHe will also give you a condom as well. Best advice i can give you is buy your own condom at 7-11, better quality.
    When you get to the second floor you will see a few rooms in the hallway. room #1 is the better one of all of them but they are all pretty good. I rate these rooms a 5 as they are "bare bones" rooms in the sense that the rooms are old, poorly kept up, toilet and shower are that of a Thai person's apt. However the bed is a king size, sheets are clean but pillow cases are probably used more than once. The room is clean with no bugs to be seen so far. It has a ceiling fan above the bed. For 120 bht to grab a quickie from a beach girl or freelancer walking around, it serves the purpose.

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